Each litter I breed is done with the intention of producing AKC show quality puppies. I focus on producing a very consistent head type that has stunning short faces and small tight ear sets, dark straight silky coats, and petite compact bodies.  My goal is always to produce puppies whose quality is better than their parents.  All babies are being offered to pet homes only with the understanding that they will never be bred.  I am under a contractual obligation to do so.  If you are looking for a show prospect, email me and I will be happy to refer you to superior quality breeders who have show stock available.  Each of my babies has been vaccinated, examined by my Vet, treated for parasites regularly, and well socialized.  
Below are pictures of past puppies.   All have gone to their new homes, with the exception of two shown in the middle of this page which I have sales pending on.  I currently have 6 little boys available.   You can find them on the "Available Yorkies" page.  

Please go to our new sister web site www.WhiteKnightGuardians.com for information on currently available Anatolian Shepherd and Great Pyrenees.
(Sold)  Pictured above and to the left.   Since he was born, this adorable boy has had the face of a teddy bear, hence we are calling him Teddy. He is super petite and will likely mature in the low 4 lb range.   He is DRIPPING with coat, super outgoing and very interactive.  I am asking $1520.00 for tiny Teddy.
(Sold) We are calling this little guy Walter.  He is another super sweet Yorkies.   His personality is like his father, very gentle and laid back.  He is a true cuddle boy with the spirit of a therapy dog.  Like his brother, he has an extremely thick silky coat.  I'm expecting him to mature in the 6 lb range.  Walter is $520.00
(SOLD)  This amazing little girl is the tiny daughter of Precious and Little Doc is the only one available out of this litter. She was born on 3-29-15.  I am keeping two little girls from this litter for show, but this unbelievably adorable girl isn't going to mature large enough to safely breed or be competitive in the show ring.  I'm expecting her to mature right around 3 lbs. Based on the color of her roots, it's obvious she is going to have similar coloring to her father Little Doc.  She also has his tiny short muzzle.  Her personality is coming from her mother.  Precious comes from a line of dogs that are the most tender, affectionate, personable I have had the pleasure of spending time with.  Grandmother Maggie, Mother Precious, and now Tiny live to be held, cuddled and pet.  This tiny precious pup is $3520.00. 
Pictured to the right, this male puppy out of Dream and Mr. Big was born on 4-3-15 and is a litter mate to the above boy.  
I have three puppies available from Sandy and Hickup's litter which was born on 3-26-15. Two of them are girls, one is a boy.
HAS GONE TO HER NEW HOME  Pictured above and to the left.  This is the lighter of the two larger sisters in this litter. I'm calling her "Sandy's lighter girl". It took me a long time to choose which of these two breeding sized girls I am keeping for show.  Both have the same outgoing attitude, beautiful structure, and excellent coat texture.  This puppy is just slightly lighter  in body color so I chose her sister.  This kid has a lovely tight ear set, beautiful face, and lovely movement. Her personality is sweet and affectionate.  I'm asking $1020.00 for her.
These are pictures of Sandy's tiny daughters when she was a 8 weeks old.  Current pictures of her are listed at the very BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.  Pictured above, to the right, and below. This adorable tiny girl is overflowing with personality.   She is outgoing, super playful, and bold.  Although she is the smallest in her litter, she keeps up with her litter mates and my adults when running and playing. Based on her current growth rate, she will mature around 3 lbs.  This tiny girl is $3500.00
This was too cute!   Jessica was holding Sandy's tiny girl while I was talking to her.  She wanted to get to me, but couldn't and started talking to me.  
(Sold) Pictured to the right and below, this is the small boy of Sandy and Hickup.  I'm expecting him to mature in the high 4 to low 5 lb range. I feel like I'm repeating myself, but I have worked hard to make sure all the puppies I produce have that affectionate outgoing personality that is so needed in a show dog. He's a big face kisser, loves everyone he meets, and is super cuddly.  This little boy is $800.00
Below is a picture of Micro Sarah Duchess of York who is a puppy I kept from Sandy's last litter.  The picture was taken at the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America's National Specialty show this month. Sweet Sarah took first place in the puppy 9-12 months old class at the age of 9 months and 4 days!   What a huge win for a little kid competing against much older girls!   Sarah is NOT FOR SALE. She is pictured to give you an idea of what Sandy produces.
PICTURED BELOW:  HAS GONE TO HER NEW HOME   This adorable baby is Sandy's Tiny girl.  Her father is Hickup (Dragon Trainer) and her Grandfather is Duke. Both can be seen on the "Yorkie Boys" page.  She was born on 3-26-15.  At 9 months old, she still only weights just 3 lbs.  Based on her current growth rate, I do not expect her to get any larger, however she may gain a little weight and fill out.  Like her mother, she is overflowing with personality.  She is always happy, bouncy, inquisitive, outgoing, and fearless.   He has never met a stranger and loves everyone that comes in the door.  She's always under my feet hoping asking to be picked up and cuddled.   This playful girl will often be found running around with a squeaky toy or even throwing a piece of kibble up in the air and chasing it across the room as it falls.   Tiny girl is much too small to breed safely or to be competitive in the show ring.  I'm looking for a pet home for her.  She has only recently become available again because I was simply too busy with farming work during fall to market her.  Additionally, when I can, I like to hang on to the teeny tiny ones to make sure they get through those first delicate stages of development.  (It was kind of fun having her around too!   LOL!!!)   While she is available immediately, what a FANTASTIC addition she would make to someone's family on Christmas day!  Tiny girl is $3500.00.  Due to her tiny size, breeding her is unsafe.  A spay agreement is required.
​SOLD:  Pictured below:  I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to Teeny Tiny little "Lady Bug".   She is a daughter of Fergie and Hick-up (Micro Dragon Trainer) who was born on 4-5-16.  She will be 5 months old on 9-5-16.  She has completed her vaccination series.   On 9-3-16, she still weighed only 1 lb 12 oz.  Her estimated mature size will be in the 3 lb range.  She has been vet checked and cleared of any heart conditions.  Her coat is going to be extremely correct.  It will be completely straight, silky, on the thinner side, and slower growing.  Her tiny size does not match her enormous personality and boldness.  These pups represent the highest quality tiny Yorkies available today.  Both girls are $3824.00 each.  (includes Tennessee Sales Tax)  As always, Lady Bug comes with a 1 year health warranty.  This should be obvious, but Lady Bug will mature far too small to safely breed.   She is being offered to an exceptional home with limited AKC registration, meaning that breeding rights are not included.  If you are looking for a breeder, this is the wrong baby for you.
What a rare picture of a rare baby!!!  This amazing  fearless teeny tiny girl is meeting our Anatolian Shepherd for the first time.  She truly knows no strangers!  She is so outgoing, friendly, and bold her size didn't even occur to her as something to be cautious of.  This is a typical personality in all my Yorkies.
SOLD  Pictured below:  "Sister".  She is the sister of Lady Bug.  On 9-3-16, she weighed a 1 lb 6 oz.  Coming from the same litter as above pictured Lady Bug, Sister will be 5 months old on 9-5-16.  She has also completed her full puppy vaccination series.   I am often asked why I do not market my tiny babies until they have completed their puppy vaccination series.  The reason is that these tiny pups are very delicate during those first three months.  Should they contract a parasite like worms or Coccidia, you have less time to respond than you have with a larger pup.   If something goes wrong, I want it to happen on my watch.   It would break my heart if I let one of these tiny babies go home to an inexperienced "tiny puppy" parent and something went wrong.   My goal is to have my babies bless you, not cause heartache.  So no, these pups aren't still available because there is something wrong with them. On the contrary, they are still around because they have passed the test of time and have been cleared to be responsible for some wonderful person's heart.  
SOLD - Pictured below:  Fergie's boy.   This little boy is just amazing!  On 9-3-16 this tiny boy weighed only 1 lb 12 oz.  He will mature in the 3 lb range.  This sweet loves to be held.  He will stand with his front legs up on you calf when he wants to be held.  He is more heavily coated like his sister "Sister".  This is Fergie's last litter.   She has blessed families with affectionate, gorgeous puppies.   This is the last chance to add one of her special babies to your family.  Due to contractual agreements I have with the founder of his pedigree, he is being offered with limited registration to a pet family.  I'm sorry, but legally, I can't offer him to a breeder.  Fergie's little boy is $2731.25    (Updated 9-1-16)
SOLD  Pictured below is Opal's daughter.   Her father is Mr. Big.  She was born on 3-28-16.  She will be 5 months old on the 28th of August and still weighs only 2 1/2 lbs.   I'm estimating that she will mature in the low 4 lb range.  Opal's daughter is $2731.25 which includes Tennessee Sales tax.  Please see my home page for information about the sales tax.  
Updated 9-8-16
SOLD - Pictured below is Micro Victoria's Secret.   We call her Secret.  She was born on 1-21-15  and will be 1 year and 7 old on 8-21-16.  Her father is Jack's Daniel and her mother is Fergie.  I patiently waited for her to grow into a competitive show size and safe breeding size, however she still weighs just barely 4 lbs.  I would rather place her in a pet home than to try breeding her.  I consider her the comedian of the house.  Yes, her coat is still to the ground.  Secret is $2731.25 which includes Tennessee sales tax.  Please see my home page for information about the TN sales tax.
Below, Secret stacked with a little smile!!
This entire litter was blessed with proportional tiny ears and a tight "up on their head" ear set.  This makes a huge aesthetic difference in the look of the petite face!