Each litter I bred was done with the intention of producing AKC show quality puppies. I focused on producing a very consistent head type that has stunning short faces, small tight ear sets, dark straight silky coats, and petite compact bodies. My goal was always to produce puppies whose quality is better than their parents. All babies were being offered to pet homes only with the understanding that they will never be bred. I was under a contractual obligation to do so with the Yorkies. Each of my babies was vaccinated, examined by my Vet, treated for parasites regularly, and well socialized.  I have taken the same philosophy of breeding superior quality only to my Anatolian Shepherd breeding program
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We have no available Yorkies.  After almost 20 years of joy raising Yorkies, we have decided to discontinue breeding.   I now have two grandchildren and have shifted my focus to the Anatolian Shepherds exclusively.  All babies have been placed in their forever homes and I will have no new Yorkies available.  I truly hope you find what you are looking for.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of my past babies on this site.
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to see information on our Anatolian Shepherds.
HICK-UP:   $3000.00
This stunning boy who is ready for the show ring was born on 12-26-13 and is approximately 4 1/2 years old.  He is AKC registered  and available to the right home with full registration.   He weighs 5 1/2 lbs but is a bit over weight.  Five pounds would be a healthy weight for him.  Hick-up is a self confident, outgoing, affectionate, cuddly boy who gives gentle face kisses.  His favorite thing is chilling on the sofa with me.  His unique adorable quirk is that he likes to drag his bed to different parts of the room.  He has sired a couple litters but I was unable to use him very much because most of my breeding girls were half sisters to him.   I used a side by side AI system with him and he collects VERY easily and willingly.  I showed him as a puppy, but did not point him because by the time he was in coat, I had stopped showing Yorkies in Conformation.  The posted pictures were taken on 5-12-18 and he is exactly as pictured.    His coat is not damaged and has no split ends (probably because I haven't shown him!  LOL!!!)  It is very lightly ironed for the picture.  I do not wrap him but rather keep him in heavy conditioners with a loose top knot.  There is absolutely no color in his coat;  this is his natural color.  His sisters are all as dark as he is.  Hick-up is not potty trained.   His teeth are in fair condition.   He is missing some molars and the front teeth on the top are loose and there are a couple front teeth missing.  His teeth are otherwise clean and have been cleaned regularly.  His ears are small, pointed, and he carries them on top of his head.  (no airplane ears!)  I am looking for a responsible, reputable person who can offer him a show/breeding home.  References will be required.  I am required to collect 9.25% sales tax for any sale that takes place in the state of TN. (which includes shipping via airline or ground transporter.)  Some people who live North of me and have friends or relatives in Middlesboro Kentucky find it more convenient to meet there.   I am happy to meet you there for a nominal fee if that is more convenient for you.  
(Updated 6-1-18)

Below, the picture on the left was taken in the shade to show accurate color.   The picture on the right was taken in the sunshine to accurately show the health and shine of his coat.
Yea...   So, I'm good with dogs, not computers.   When I attached this YouTube video, it shows you random other videos available to watch after you click play the first time.   I don't know how to fix it...  To tell you the truth, I kind of feel lucky to have gotten this far!!!  LOL!!!  I have played with it a couple of times and if you click on "replay" (the counter clockwise arrow/circle in the bottom left corner of the YouTube block) you can see the video of Hick-up again.  I have NO idea where you will end up if you start clicking on the other pictures that pop up after you view the video the first time.  
Micro Lacey Stone:     (shown below)
She is a half sister to above pictured Hick-up.  She was born on January 22 of 2015 so she just turned 3 years old.   Lacey is already spayed.   Her personality is fun, flirty, and playful.    She is one of my few Yorkies that smiles.   When she is at the edge of the sofa wanting up, she will often curl her lip up and smile at you to get your attention.    Lacey has been debarked and does a good job of going potty on the paper.  She has never been around carpet and may look at it as a large pee pad.   She gets along well with other dogs.  I have not done a good job of doing coat care with her so her coat is a little thin.  She is exactly as pictured below.  I have no color in her hair and she is not ironed in the picture.  Lacey has one of the most lovely short muzzles that I have produced.  She is not shy, but rather outgoing and affectionate with everyone she meets.   Lacey weighs 6 1/4 lbs and her teeth are in wonderful shape.   She is very easy and cooperative to groom.  Please keep in mind that I am required to collect 9.25% sales tax for all sales that take place in the state of Tennessee which includes those that require shipping.   Many people tend to have friends and family in Middlesboro Kentucky and I often meet people there.  Lacey is $2000.00.