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Please go to our new sister web site www.WhiteKnightGuardians.com for information on our current available Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherds.  (updated 12-18-17)

To the left and below is Female puppy 01.  She is a solid white.  This adorable girl ALREADY has fantastic pigment which is a trait she gets from her mother.  This puppy has sold.
To the right and below is badger female puppy 02
This puppy has sold.
To the left and below is solid white male 03.

This puppy has sold.
Below is Badger male 04
The only marks he has are those that you see on his head.
This puppy has sold.
Below is Badger male 05.
He has a small spot over his tail which will likely fade to white.  This puppy has sold. 
Below is badger male 06.
He has a large badger mark around his tail and on his hip, and a spot on his back. This puppy is sold.
Below is Badger female 07
She has a mark on her tail.   This puppy is sold.
Below is Badger male 08.
He has the heaviest badger markings over his back. 
This puppy has sold.
These pups are being raised in a manner that would make they ideal as either home guardians or Livestock Guardians.  Currently they are in the barn with my Katahdin ewes who are ready to lamb, and the ewes and lambs who have already arrived this year.  All of these puppies have gone to their new homes.
Great Pyrenees are one of the breeds that Hip Dysplacia is common in.   Please go to the "Great Pyrenees" page and scroll down to the bottom for some important information on Hip Dysplacia and what we have done to minimize risk of this debilitating disease.
The close up pictures posted were taken on 1-25-15. I've been pretty sick and was unable to take new individual pictures.   Very sorry... I was able to get some group shots which are at the bottom of the page. The kids all had their first trip to the vet on 1-26-15. Everyone passed with flying colors and no one threw up in the truck.  Yea!!.   They received their first Parvo only vaccination and were wormed again.